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What is a Last Will and Testament?


The Last Will and Testament is the most commonly known and an often used estate planning tool. The Last Will and Testament is a document that you create informing all people how you want to protect your children and distribute your wealth.

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Not having a Last Will and Testament forces the rigid distribution under the laws of Louisiana Intestacy. Louisiana will not consider how well off older son is compared to younger daughter, or whether if younger sister should have the family jewelry as you discussed. Also consider that the default laws of Louisiana Intestacy is that separate property will go to descendants - NOT your spouse. It is easy to see how this misunderstanding of Louisiana law can lead to a child(ren) inheriting the family home over a parent, or a beloved step-parent.

Imagine the infighting and discord that can be avoided if you take the time to write a Last Will and Testament.

Drafting a Last Will and Testament can prevent these problems. It allows you to take into consideration that your older son needs something more than your other children. Or allow you to protect your spouse.

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​Why Should I hire an attorney to Help me Write a Last Will and Testament?

Our office has developed a process to make sure that your Last Will and Testament is comprehensive and written to achieve your goals. Our process starts with an Asset Audit to help you identify your estate and identify the type of property (community or separate) your estate has. Next we discuss with you who and want you protected. Third we create a draft of your Last Will and Testament. Upon your approval we meet to sign and execute the will according to Louisiana law. Four Steps! That is all it took for you to create a successful Last Will and Testament that protects your children and secure your family’s legacy.

Contact our office today to set up an Asset Audit, and I look forward to helping you protect your family and secure your legacy.