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Opening A Succession

Opening a succession is the legal process which allows for the transfer of property from the deceased to the heir. Generally, with some exceptions, immovable property (i.e house, land) has to be transferred through the legal process of opening a succession. Additionally, the succession process allows for the distribution of the specific bequests that have been made in the Last Will and Testament. (i.e. Michael is put in possession of the painting, Jane is put in possession of grandma’s wedding band).

Louisiana Successions

The process of opening a succession in Louisiana can depend on a number of circumstances. Whether there is a valid Last Will and Testament is one of these circumstances that people encounter regularly. Determining the validity of the Last Will and Testament will decided whether the succession will be completed as the decedent intended, or if there is no valid will then it will be considered Intestate. Intestate successions follow the laws established through the Louisiana legislature, meaning that Louisiana lawmakers have decided how your family should be protected and how your property should be distributed.

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Successions, like any legal process can or may already be complicated. Our office helps guide you through the process to avoid costly and time wasting mistakes. Having an attorney can help you quickly resolve your loved one’s estate, and avoid costly, unnecessary litigation.

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Opening a Succession in Louisiana

Opening a succession in Louisiana, sometimes referred to as “probate” or “probating a Last Will and Testament” is the legal process of fulfilling a loved one’s last wishes by honoring their intentions that they hopefully made in their Last Will and Testament by distributing their property to their heirs. Even if they did not have a Last Will and Testament, Louisiana has created laws that state how your loved one’s estate will be handled*. This short guide provides you with the basic information regarding the process of opening and closing a succession in Louisiana. You should contact a qualified Louisiana attorney to help you with your process if you are unsure or have questions.

In order to avoid the state handling your estate you should take the time and considering making a Last Will and Testament as part of your estate plan. (Hint: most of the time no!). Check out our FAQ's to learn more about successions.